Wednesday, May 12, 2010


From Drop Box

Here's yet another peek at the beautiful ceiling in the previous post. Any ideas yet?

Still, no pictures offloaded for 2010, and we've just discovered a missing point and shoot camera with about 100 photos. Not good! Fortunately, we have the new SLR which is way too big to forget and leave behind. Now I need to convince Bob to please offload them, and send the pictures on this hard drive to another drive to give me some room. I keep getting dire warning messages about needing more space.

Anyway, the trip up to Grass Valley, our first stop is good, and lasts about 1 week for general maintenance and of course, to visit family. Now to find the pictures!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Popeye is on the road again!

The Popeye Express rides again! Finally, Bob, Pangor, Daphne, Tiazzi and I fire up the engine and head north. It's been a long wait and we are all anxious to get on the road.

Sorry for the long delay getting this going, but our best intentions were defeated. We leave with a brand new broadband card, 3G & 4G, settle into beautiful Whidbey Island for a month long stay, and soon discover that neither the broadband card or the park's wifi will work. My dream of a month of blogging goes down the drain. Ditto our next several stops. The only time I had acceptable connectivity was just long enough to take care of clients needs - our first priority.

The above picture is a tease; recognize it? It was the last stop on our 2009 trip, and since none of the 2010 pictures are on this computer, this will have to do. My plan is to get as current as possible, and then fill in with all the great places we saw since we left Baltimore last year. Much is coming! Please be patient, and I'll get more photos to show and hopefully some of you will figure out where this beautiful ceiling is located!