Saturday, June 30, 2012

Boat Tour - Lake Coeur s'Alene

This resort at Coeur d'Alene is world famous and the 90 minute boat ride is beautiful. Here are some of the things we see this afternoon.

The houses around the lake are fabulous. If you need to ask the price, you can't afford it - so don't bother!

This is my personal favorite:

Continuing around the lake, we come across wooden boats, fabulous condominiums, the only golf course in the world with a floating green, and yet more lake houses.

I even get a distant shot of a wedding party. . .

Almost finished, we take a walk along the floating board walk and take the last few pictures. What a great way to spend this Saturday!

Liberty Lake Saturday Market

From Liberty Lake Saturday Market
Liberty Lake is located about 13 miles east of Spokane, and two miles from the Idaho border on I-90. We've come here to have work done on our front heat pump prior to the warranty running out. But it's Saturday morning, and we find a farmer's market.
From Liberty Lake Saturday Market
What's not to like? Good food, pretty flowers, and interesting people to talk to. Here is the lady we buy fresh mixed lettuce from. Although she didn't give me her name, I do get a picture of the name of her farm
From Liberty Lake Saturday Market
From Liberty Lake Saturday Market
Next, we buy scones and other goodies from these people:
From Liberty Lake Saturday Market
Now it's time for sourdough wheat bread. . .
From Liberty Lake Saturday Market
An onion garlic mix comes next. . .
From Liberty Lake Saturday Market
From Liberty Lake Saturday Market
Uh, oh, Bob finds a real pizza place with awesome looking pies coming out of their oven.
From Liberty Lake Saturday Market
From Liberty Lake Saturday Market
From Liberty Lake Saturday Market
This one is ours - so it's time to go back to Popeye and devour this while it's still hot. We can hardly wait - yum!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Puget Sound Whale Watching

On this rainy June Friday, we decide to take the ferry (by foot) over to San Juan Island. We catch the 9 AM sailing and shortly after 10 AM we're docking in Friday Harbor. Since we don't have our car, walking downtown Friday Harbor seems our best option.

Friday Harbor always has beautiful garden and flower displays, and this year doesn't disappoint.

As I sit watching boats enter the harbor, Bob walks around with our little camera and takes a few pictures.

I am surprised when my phone rings and it's Bob calling me. He tells me the Victoria Clipper III just came into dock and we're going on a whale watching tour. This is an unexpected surprise!

I mistakenly thought this boat had come from Victoria and was headed through the San Juan Islands. The company that runs this boat does do that, but in this case, the boat started in Seattle specifically to come to San Juan Island and then head out to see if they can find whales. As they are in constant contact with groups that do nothing but (or so it seems) watch wales, it only took about half an hour before we came upon them. 

The ferry above is docked at Shaw Island, and the whales were just in front of the dock.

Notice the top picture above showing two ferries. In the sound, whales and oil tankers always have the right of way, and these inter island ferries must stop to allow the whales to pass. Remarkably as we are also stopped, they swim almost right up to our boat, dive underneath, and then make a beeline over to Orca Island, a very short distance from us. For almost an hour, we watch transfixed as they continually dive, breach, and do all sorts of acrobatics. Although we like to think they are showing off for us, in reality, they are trying to induce the seals to get off the rocks next to Orca Island so they can have them for lunch. It turns on these are pods T36 & T37, two of the transient pods that dine on seals. Local pods eat mostly salmon.

Since we didn't anticipate this trip, we didn't have our SLR camera with us (it rained all day after boarding the boat) and my iPhone just couldn't capture these pictures. Our little old Canon Power Shot took these, thanks to Bob standing out in the rain at the rear of the boat and persistently taking pictures. The last shot is his best.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hiking Deception Pass State Park

One reason we so enjoy our stay on Whidbey Island is the hiking available at Deception Pass State Park. We stay at the commercial park right across the steet, and just a mile south of the bridge.

The park wraps all around Deception pass, and has miles of hiking trails. This overcast and drizzly day provided some foggy photo ops.

If you've ever seen the movie Snow Falling on Cedars, which was filmed here, you already know how beautiful this area is.

We hiked for about an hour, to catch varying views of the bridge and surrounding beach - beautiful!

I could enjoy this forever!