Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

The above picture was taken on our 31st wedding anniversary. The blog was just posted and dated on the actual day, December 3, 2008. I included this picture as I wanted to show you the trees they have everywhere in the restaurant. The decorations are nothing short of fabulous!

The next post will be of the River Walk, taken both on the same day and again on the next. We have lots and lots of pictures - too many in fact! Of special interest, was the visit to the Spanish Governor's Mansion. I'll have a separate blog on that.

However, tomorrow is the start of reality. Bob and I need to get up before the sun and drive to Del Mar for a tax seminar. I hoped to get more done, but getting ready for the tax filing season is a big job. After tomorrow, I'll try to get at least 1 blog done every few days until all our 2008 trip is posted.

Bob joins me in wishing you all a blessed New Year with good health, and if asking for prosperity is too much, at least maybe we can hope for a little financial security! The Kitties wish you all happy "meows."

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