Sunday, February 1, 2009

Arizona Sunset

From Tucson AZ

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone! Hope your favorite team won the game & your stomach & head are intact in the morning. As to Bob & I, we spent a great morning & afternoon enjoying Sunday brunch with Captain Bob (who is in the process of becoming an RVer) and planning our trip this summer to the Canadian Maritime Provence's.

We can hardly wait for May to arrive. Hopefully all the ferry rides & campgrounds will be booked, at least for the month of July, the busiest month, and the rest of the trip more or less loosely planned.

My accomplishment today was posting our visit to Tucson. Please go to the archive on the right & click on December 12th. I'm trying to keep the posts and pictures in chronological order. I thought the Arizona Sunset picture above would set the mood and get you motivated. Also, please read the criteria I set regarding the poll on the right. I am always interested in feedback to improve this blog. Feel free to use the comments section below to give me your input.

I'm leaving with a picture of Tiazzi and Daphne. If a Tucson sunset doesn't appeal to you, perhaps our kitties will. Happy February everyone, and keep sharing your travel stories.

From The Popeye Express


Anonymous said...

Honey, just wanted to let you know I checked out your blog and I love the photos! I'm an amateur photog myself and wondered what camera you use.

No, my team did not win yesterday. I wanted a Cardinal victory.

Safe travels!

Shonny @ Pro-Ware

Anonymous said...

OK... the tax season is over ... the 4868 are filed so when does the travel begin?

We are heading north ...

Snowbird TaxMan