Thursday, May 31, 2012

On the Move at Last!

Finally, Popeye's engine roars to life and we hit the road. Can't tell you how good this feels. We meet Captain Bob at the Pachanga Casino for lunch, then take the back road up I-15 N, connecting to I-91 W, then 71 N to 57 N to 210 W to I-5 N up to the Flying J at Frazier Park.

The trip is hot, the sun on me at all times. I finally have to ask Bob for a towel to wipe my brow before the sweat hits my eyes. The temperature outside gets as high as 98. The A/C is blasting at high speed. I am very happy to roll in just before 7 PM and pull some icy cold watermelon out of the refrigerator, and since our driving is finished, enjoy a cold brewski as well. Yes, this is our dinner; and a free overnight stay at Flying J is a bonus. Isn't free always better?

We plan to head out early tomorrow at first light to make the drive up I-5 connecting with I-80 E, then Hwy 49 north and arrive at the Nevada Co. Fairgrounds in Grass Valley. Hope to be there by 2 PM.

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Lynnie the Poo said...

Hi Honey... I work at The Hershey Story, the museum in Hershey, PA. You gave me your business card when you visited, and told me to check back in a few weeks to read your opinion on your visit. It's been ages since you visited, but I stumbled on your business card and visited your site. I don't remember when you visited and don't see anything about Hershey. Did you ever write anything about the sweetest place on earth? (I'm not offended if you didn't). Have a great day! Lynn