Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The River Path

Okay, here's the deal. The river path follows the Rogue River and will wind up in the little town of Rogue River.  No excuses. We're here and we need to take advantage of this great path to give us about 7 miles of exercise. Bonus: the path is lined with wild blackberries. We can munch our way down and back again. We did it yesterday and we'll do it everyday while we're here.

This afternoon after lunch we head down to Harry & David as we have reservations for the 1:45 PM tour. Great shop, and OMG Hot Rock are back! Been out of these for a couple of years now. We buy 3 bottles along with other assorted goodies.

Now back at the coach the smoke has considerably worsened. The only thing we can do is hunker down and try out the dry rub on our fresh Sockeye salmon, cook dinner and early to bed.

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