Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Excitement Continues

We choose to avoid LA traffic by circumnavigating LA. This is accomplished by taking I-15 north out of Escondido, then continuing to I-91 W at Corona, then north up Hwy 71, eventually ending up on 210 west until it merges with I-5 north, not far from Magic Mountain. We've been on the road for about 4 hours now, and as I maneuver into the truck lane heading down the "Grapevine," at about the half way point we hear a "ping" on our dash. I look down and watch the fuel gauge fall to "empty," not exactly a heart warming sign. A glance at the mirrors and cameras provide no clue of smoke or of liquids gushing out of the coach. Finally all the way down, I pull into one of the many truck stops at the bottom of the grade and do an outside visual check. Good news - nothing seemingly wrong. The only thing broken is our planned stop to visit son David up in Corning and our tentative schedule. Oh well, they call this an adventure - right? Now we have an unplanned stop up in Coburg OR, birth place of the Popeye Express and best place for service. To be continued!

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