Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mi Tierra, San Antonio Texas

Here we are on our 31st wedding anniversary - would you believe it! I think we blend in pretty well with the mural behind us. Daughter Julie suggested the Mi Tierra bakery & restaurant. Located in Market Square, it's where the locals eat. With a bakery in front and open 24/7, it's hard to beat.

The sign shown above is posted all over downtown San Antonio, making it pretty easy to find most landmarks. We park at the Lutheran Church and walk from there.

Arriving at Market Square, we come across this sign which gives the historical significance of the area.

Turning down the street (pardon Bob's back side) we find wonderful colors and designs everywhere.

What a terrific entrance! You just know the food will be wonderful. With a bakery right in front, it's hard to resist temptation.

Look at these goodies! No wonder this place is popular. We can hardly wait to see what the menu offerings are.

This is the room our booth is in. Now this is my idea of how to decorate for the holidays!

This tree is on the ledge right above our heads. Trees like this are everywhere in the restaurant.

This mural is in the adjacent room. Without a wide angle lens, I can only take a picture of a small portion of this magnificent mural. One of the waiters came over and pointed on the pictures of the restaurant's founders & owners as well as all the people who have been a part of this establishment since it's inception. What a wonderful heritage!

As we depart, I take this photo of their neon sign. It pretty much says it all. Be sure to stop by when you are next in San Antonio and let us know if you agree this is a very special place with terrific food. Now it's off to the River Walk!


juliegallant said...

I LOVE San Antonio and LOVE Mi Tierra!!! Can't wait to get back. No matter the time of year, this place always looks fantastic! Happy New Year everyone and Mom and Bob, can't wait to see the riverwalk and gov. palace pics. Have lots of fun at your tax seminar. lov ya!

Unknown said...

one murals of Mi Tierra, was painted for mexican artist Jesus Diaz Garza, I think just make appropriate reference and recognize foreign talent , in this case Mexican talent .....I personally met the artist and also the process of drawing up that wall , I also know his family in Mexico .....although I think the postcards do make mention of the artist. Talent should be recognized while not itself ... VIVA MEXICO'S TALENT !! VIVA THE MASTER JESUS ​​DIAZ GARZA, ONE OF WHICH MADE A MURAL PAINTING TO BE DISPLAYED IN THE RESTAURANT " MI TIERRA " DE SAN ANTONIO TEXAS .....