Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lockhart TX - Following the BBQ Trail

A furry friend waves
Goodbye as we leave Lake Lavon

Monday arrives and we need to head south. Our first stop is the parking lot of Walmart in Georgetown to meet Bob & Peggy Pfluger, fellow RVer's who we meet each year. Bob takes a picture before we depart, but I decide not to use it because they blinked when the shutter went off. Closed eyes = no good! We'll try again next year.
At the Texas welcome center when entering the state, Bob picked up a brochure on the Texas BBQ Trail. Since Lockhart is pretty much on our path to Austin, we decide to give it a try.

Caldwell County Courthouse, Lockhart, TX

Downtown Lockhart, TX

Another view of downtown Lockhart, TX

Plaque in front of Courthouse

Typical Texas small town

Front view of Courthouse

The brochure lists 3 BBQ houses in Lockhart: (1) Black's BBQ, (2) Chisholm Trail BBQ, and (3) Smitty's Market. Black's claim to be the oldest, Chisholm Trail claims to have the most side dishes, and Smitty's Market claims to have the best brisket, pork chops and sausage. You can be the judge!

Interior of Smitty's Market

Bob decides on Smitty's

Chisholm Trail is right on Highway 183

Since Bob really wanted to try the Brisket, we went to Smitty's. Unfortunately for me, all the smoked meats are prepared inside, leaving me with watery eyes, a stuffy nose, and anxious to get out!

Exterior of Black's BBQ

After lunch, we drive south to Austin for a one night stay. We have been here before and are anxious to go to San Antonio, as tomorrow we celebrate 31 years of marriage.

For further information: Blacks BBQ

Chisholm Trail BBQ website not listed. Phone 512.398.6027

Smitty's Market

The Texas BBQ Trail

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