Friday, July 10, 2009

The Week that is a Blur

The above photo isn't intended to be a blur! Just this week, although that was certainly un-intentional as well. Perhaps the best way to put it is next year, I (Honey) will be planning the timing for all destinations. 4 days of straight driving are not my idea of fun. Next year my limit will be 4 hours, and a day of rest in between. That being said, we leave very early on July 5th and head for Spokane, WA.

Due to our hectic schedule, there is no time for picture taking, hence, all photos in this post are from official web sites of the places visited, err driven through.

Spokane is our first stop, the best part is going to dinner at the Northern Quest Indian Casino where they have the freshest of veggies, all grilled or steamed. Trust me on this one, they are the best when it comes to veggies.

This photo of Coeur d'Alene is also off Google Images, and shows a glimpse of the beauty that is Northern Idaho. We have stopped here on several occasions, but Monday isn't one of them - rats!

This image of Glacier National Park isn't anywhere near I-90, the route we take going through most of Montana, but certainly is the image which comes to mind when one thinks of Montana. I already have a mental note: Next year, we spend 4 - 6 weeks in this great state. Getting through Montana takes all of Tuesday & part of Wednesday.

From Knife River Indian Village

This picture of the Knife River, located in North Dakota, was taken on our visit last year. It is representative of much of what you see driving through I-94. It is now Wednesday evening.

From Blogger Pictures

Thursday we finally arrive in Minnesota, staying 1 night in the little town of Walker located on Leech Lake, and that afternoon drive into Grand Rapids where I write this. This part of MN is in the Mesabi Iron Range, and the purpose of our visit is to see Bob's land, shown in the above photo, and get it listed. He inherited this property when he was 16 - it's time to move on.

Tomorrow we drive out to Little Bear Lake and visit the 110 acres for perhaps the final time. It's hard for Bob to sell the last remnant of his family heritage.

That sums up our week. Located in a Cubs Food parking lot (the only place in town where Popeye will fit) we have only s-l-o-w speed on our broadband card. Sunday we plan to move on to Hinckley MN, where if I recall correctly, we have excellent cell & broadband coverage.

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