Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hey - We're "on-the-road" again!

Finally, we're back on the road, and after an overnight stop at the Flying J in Frazier Park, we make it to Grass Valley for our service appointment. Since our stay here is brief, our biggest excursion was the Saturday growers' market. No pictures were taken.

This is our chance to visit with son David and his daughters Brooke and Hailey, and of course, Dave's wife Wendy. Mother's Day provides a chance for the whole family to join together and celebrate all mothers. We get together for a wonderful Sunday brunch complete with champagne! What a great way to celebrate.
From 2011 05 08

Bob takes the above picture which includes from L to R top, Wendy's sister Judy, Hailey holding Susie, brother Bill, Dave and me. On the bottom, L to R is 1st cousin Leslie, (Wendy and Judy's) mom Dot, Wendy, and standing next to Wendy is Brooke.
From 2011 05 08

The above photo features the same lineup minus Susie (the kitty) and of course, I switched places with Bob to get this picture. Family relationships are linked to daughter-in-law Wendy. Since Bob and I are both only children, our family is down to two children and 5 granddaughters.

Tomorrow we're off starting our long journey north.

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