Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rogue River, OR

Although this is the beautiful Rogue River, there lies a small town with the same name. Our favorite state park in Oregon is Valley of the Rogue State Park, located north of Medford and south of Grants Pass, right on the Rogue River. This is where the photo of Popeye was originally taken.

The nice part is the footpath from the state park takes you right to the edge of the river and into the town, which although small, has some great wall murals and a fine little place for breakfast. Although the round trip is about 6 miles, it's worth it!

After a good breakfast, it's time to head back to the state park. Here is the view from under the bridge:

This afternoon we are expecting friends who reside in southern California, currently in Coos Bay OR,  who are driving here to meet us. Our Alaska trip also provided many friends from this area and we are so fortunate they make the effor to keep in touch!

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