Saturday, November 29, 2008

Plano, TX - The Central Market

Julie, Colette, Madelyn & Alayna

A day after Thanksgiving Day tradition, a trip to The Central Market is a must! Here are all my girls, in the dining room enjoying lunch. Next, a trip through the aisles for some serious shopping!

Fireplace in dining area

Casual dining only - this is a grocery store!

Julie introduced me to the Central Market years ago. It is very BIG, can be very expensive, and has many surprises. First of all, you may need the valet parking they offer. Second, do expect live entertainment on the mezzanine level, at least on weekends.

The produce section is as big as most California grocery stores. One year I inquired about some cheese and couldn't think of the its name. The clerk said I was welcome to sample all 728 varieties offered!

What flavor gelato do you want?

A peek at the flower market

A look down the aisle towards the olive bar

Portion of the deli

I planned on a nice picture essay of this store, but apparently the store didn't appreciate my efforts. This was the last picture before being nicely told to lose the camera. I really wanted a picture of the produce section (yeah, the bakery, meats, etc. are fabulous too), but decided to respect their wishes.

Bob wants to be included with all these pretty girls!

Where or where do I put all these goodies from The Central Market?

For further information: The Central Market

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