Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ashville and Biltmore Village, North Carolina

The next day we arrive around noon for our bus tour. The hour and half tour takes us through all the historic sites in Ashville. This place is awesome; much too much to see and do in one week. We make mental notes to return to a few sites, but run out of time to do so, Thomas Wolfe house included.

Our tour director

Included in our tour ticket, we never made it through the house

Fabulous Laughing Seed Restaurant

After our tour, we go right over to the Laughing Seed for a fantastic lunch. Per the visitor center, this restaurant is considered one of the top award winning vegetarian restaurants in the country. We are only too happy to indulge.

A peek inside

Lunch bar for fast service

Honey sporting her tour badge on sweater

Bob's yummy lunch

Most elaborate McDonalds in the U.S.

After lunch, we drive over to Biltmore Village. Here we find outstanding shops, galleries, a Mickey D’s unlike you have ever seen, and a great ice cream – latte shop, Biltmore Village Coffee & Creamery, where we meet the owner, Woods McKibbeys and his best girl Virignia, a student of law at the University.

Typical village street

View inside a shop window

Typical shop sign

Example of gallery offering

Village street scene

Sidewalk art

Biltmore Village Coffee & Creamery

Owner Woods McKibbeys & Virginia

We also visit the Cathedral of All Souls, but after 3 attempts, still fail to see the interior. Our tour director said it was really beautiful inside.

Cathedral & Village built by Vanderbilt Family

Spacious entry into Cathedral

Front view of Cathedral & Tower

After another full day, we head back to Popeye to get ready for tomorrow – a drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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