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Historic Downtown Bowling Green, KY 9/17/08

Historic Fountain Square

After a factory tour and devouring the Corvette Museum, let’s go into historic Bowling Green for lunch!

Mariah's Historic Restaurant & Bar

A little history

The Mariah Moore House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the oldest standing brick building in Bowling Green. In 1818 it cost over $4,000. The owners, George & Elizabeth Moore had five children. The youngest, Mariah, never married and lived in the house until her death in 1888; which is why it became known as the Mariah Moore House.

Murals adorn the walls

Bob needs to lose about 45 years!

In 1990 a 3,000 square foot addition was made to accommodate a modern kitchen and dining areas; however in 1995 a major fire destroyed much of the building. Fortunately, the original brick was salvaged, along with the antique bar and carousel horse. All have been restored.

One of the dining rooms

Mural of Ali in sports bar

Murals of downtown Bowling Green now adorn the walls of the restaurant, and several murals of sports legends can be found in the bar area.

Now that we've finished lunch, let’s take a walk downtown, about 1 block away, and over to the city square.

Downtown Bowling Green


Fountain Square is the center piece of the town. The fountain, replaced in 1881 is from the J.L. Mott Ironworks of New York City; the original sculptor was Antonio Canova. The statue represents Hebe, the goddess of youth. The statues surround the fountain represent Ceres, goddess of grain, Pomona, goddess of fruit, Melpomane, goddess of tragedy, and Flora, goddess of flowers.

Charming bronze of children

Regrettably I can find no mention of the artist and sculptor of the charming children on the bench. If you know, please enter in the comments area.

Fountain from distance

Sadly, many buildings are vacant with “Available” signs or “For Sale” signs. The economic downturn is becoming apparent.

Hebe, Goddess of Youth

For further information: Mariah’s and Historic Fountain Square

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