Saturday, November 1, 2008

Attention all Followers!

Outdoor Resort, Port St. Lucie

You may wonder what happened between Oct 19th, our last blog, and Nov 1st. Lots is the answer! I’ll be blogging about them soon, but decided the best way to get caught up is to start at the beginning of the month. I’m only 3 states behind. Additionally, in order to better reflect when we actually visited the places I write about, I am going to insert all the places yet to be written about using the actual dates we were there, and will back date the old blogs to reflect the same. Hang on to your hats – hopefully it will be a fast ride. Please check the archives to make certain you don’t miss something which may interest you.

Moving forward, our home in Port St. Lucie is the Outdoor Resorts. We are very fortunate to meet a fantastic couple, Rod & Susie Kennedy. Their winter home is Port St. Lucie, and their summer home is Wilmington, NC. We did visit Wilmington, and it will eventually be reflected on this blog.

New friends - Susie & Rod Kennedy

This lovely couple picked us up Sunday morning and drove us to Singer Island, near Palm Beach. The island has beautiful buildings, a fantastic marina, and best of all, lots of interesting fish to view. They were swimming all around the shoreline. We enjoyed a super lunch & had such a great time getting acquainted. We look forward to future visits. Thanks, Rod & Susie, for treating us like royalty!

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