Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Miami, The Leventhals, & Pinecrest Gardens

Friends for over 30 years, Ron & Marcia

From Port St. Lucie, I call good friends Ron & Marcia Leventhal who tell us “Come on down, we’d love to see you!” The Popeye Express barely fits in front of their house. She’s an eye-popping sight to say the least. Thanks to Bob’s directions, I get her turned around and placed in front of their house in record setting time.

Popeye in Miami

We really hadn’t planned on visiting Miami, but when the opportunity to see good friends knocks, we move with all due haste! We hadn’t seen them since our last visit in 2002, at that time, on our way to Key West.

Bob & Ron wave during a morning walk

It’s a good thing we went. They plan on selling their house and moving to a retirement community in Boynton Beach. No parking in front of their house there.


Since Marcia still works, Ron took us for a day in Pinecrest Gardens, right in the middle of Miami. What a nice surprise. We so enjoyed strolling around. It was a cool day, so the iguanas weren’t out sunning themselves, but we still enjoyed the waterfowl.

Preferring not to show my ignorance regarding plants, these pictures remain without captions. Enjoy them. They sure don’t grow plants like these in Southern California!

Afterward we enjoyed lunch at Whole Foods, followed by a scenic drive through Coconut Grove. That night we took them to a Cuban restaurant for dinner. I had some awesome bean soup that I could eat every day. Thanks for being such great friends. You both are very special people.

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