Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Grandpa Bob with Alayna & Madelyn

Our campground approximately 15 miles east of Plano TX is at Lake Lavon, an Army Corp of Engineering campground with wonderful space, 50 amps and water. No sewer, but for $9 per night, whose complaining? The only mystery is what happened to the pictures. I know Bob took a few, but they are nowhere in sight.

Soon Thanksgiving Day arrives. Fortunately, daughter Julie is a wonderful cook, and her turkey dinner is fabulous! We all enjoyed the freshly made cinnamon ice cream for dessert.

Celebrating a late but BIG 70

The month before our arrival, Bob celebrated a big birthday while in St. Augustine. Since the girls had no way of sending him a card, they each made one for him. Bob was beaming, and impressed!

Brett, Julie, Alayna, Bob, Maddie & Colette

Finally, after dinner I insisted everyone get lined up for a family photo. Since we get to see each other but once each year, I was determined to get it right this time. Happy Turkey Day everyone.


Joy and Phil said...

Honey and Bob,

So happy to see another post from you. I check every day. I love your beautiful cats (at one time, I had six indoor rescued cats and 12+/- feral cats I fed every day outside). Phil does not want any animals in Penny so for now, I get my kitty fix from others.

Please send me a note (e-mail if you don't want to go public) so I can see if that restaurant where you had such a problem with the food is on my list of eateries to try. We are headed that way in early spring.

Safe travels,

Anonymous said...

Hi: Not real good at the computer yet.

Your Children and grandchildren are just beautiful.
Hope to see you before you start your new journey.

Judy,Bill and Bob