Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meeting "new" Lawheads!

From Meeting Friends for Dinner on the Chena
Bob and I were delighted to find that a dear friend, Creighton Lawhead, has a younger brother living in Fairbanks. So, as if the day wasn't good enough, Brian Lawhead and is darling wife Donita join us for dinner on the Chena River.

We have such a great time becoming acquainted and are thrilled that they take time from their busy schedules to meet us. They had just returned from their daughter's college graduation in Eugene OR, so it was an especially busy time for them. We are so grateful to have met them and hope we can return the favor. We had the waitress take the picture of the 4 of us. OK Creighton, and wife Marilyn, are you watching?

From Meeting Friends for Dinner on the Chena

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