Saturday, June 18, 2011

Midnight Sun Run

From Midnight Sun Run
This funny little photo is taken minutes prior to the 10:00 PM start of the annual Midnight Sun Run. We are obviously squinting into the sun, and since we didn't bring our cameras, were using my iPhone. Better than nothing???

We are the only couple in our group to participate. The 10K race (6.2 miles) starts at the Patty Center at the UAF, and ends inside Pioneer Park. The locals all come out to cheer us on and gleefully squirt us with their squirt guns, garden hoses, or whatever. I escaped getting soaked. Apparently they're more interested getting even with friends and acquaintances.

For two old folks who never run, have gotten no exercise on this trip, and our generally out-of-shape, we didn't disgrace ourselves. Would you believe I came in 9th in my class in spite of an asthma attach by mile 1 and arthritic feet at 1:38+ minutes!

I'm especially proud of Bob who was certain I would beat him. He came in 6th in his class at 1:32+ minutes. Okay Bob - perhaps it's time for a new endeavour?

The real winner of this race, even if not acknowledge officially (in our minds, at least) is a little old gal age 95. Tonya Eckland finished in 1:02:41.2!!! She put everyone to shame! Let's see: This gives me 26 years to get into shape. I guess I won't have any excuses.

This run is part of a BIG celebration by the citizens of Fairbanks for the Summer Solstice. They have festivities going on all day, especially downtown, including a midnight baseball game using no artificial lighting. This year they played Oceanside, CA. Can you believe we were too tired to attend?

For the official times and records: Midnight Sun Run

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Jim and Sandie said...

I am so impressed. I can't imagine being awake at that time let alone running a marathon. You guys did great. But that 95 year old Tonya really is amazing. Congratulations you guys.