Thursday, June 2, 2011

Traveling BC, Canada Hwy 1

From Driving along BC Hwy 1
From our overnight stay just south of Quesnel, we restart our journey. Arriving at the small town of Quesnel, I wish we had 4 - 5 days to reach Dawson Creek, as Quesnel is a charming town certainly worth an overnight stay to check it out.

Although Bob started out driving, I couldn't get any pictures of the town itself, so can only describe what I saw. The town has a Walmart, Safeway, Elks Club, and plentiful Diesel available on the north side of town. But by far, the most interesting thing I see (too far away to even attempt a picture) is a very attractive log or lodge style building, saying it is a Car and Dog Wash. Now that's a new one for me! I couldn't help to wonder if you run your car through on one side, and then put your dog on a conveyor belt on the other - just kidding! I have no idea how they do it, but would definitely check this business out!

Near 10 Mile Lake, I see the first caution sign for moose. Then we pass through a very small portion of Prince George. Again, nothing to take pictures of. At the intersection of Hwys 16 & 97, there is a large casino with dedicated RV parking, a bonus for a future trip.

About 120 S. of Dawson Creek we arrive at Lake Azouzetta, and according to the Milepost, officially it is mile 121.7. The picture follows:

From Driving along BC Hwy 1
From Driving along BC Hwy 1

Canadian turnouts, we soon learn, have narrow entrances and the signage gives little warning when they come up. I need to learn to read the Milepost in advance to be aware  when turnouts are available. Thus, we missed the Bijoux Falls.

The town of Chetwynd seemed very picturesque and again, we would have enjoyed visiting but need to get to Dawson Creek today. The following pictures are of the Smith River Valley which I did look for in advance thanks to the Milepost:

From Driving along BC Hwy 1
From Driving along BC Hwy 1

We look forward to reaching Dawson Creek, the beginning of the Alaska Highway and especially walking the town tomorrow, before starting the long drive north.

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