Friday, November 21, 2008

Saying "Goodbye" to Florida

Saying "goodbye"

Today we leave for Alabama. Our week here is over all too soon. The walks on the beach were amazing. The above picture is of Lake Morris, in Top Sail State Park Preserve in Santa Rosa Beach.

Ripples in the sand

Honey's hand showing off her "booty"

The above two pictures were taken on our Wednesday morning walk. The sand is white as powdered sugar, but turned out poorly in this photo. I wanted to show you how lovely the patterns in the sand are in this beach.

The photo of my hand shows the impossible. Due to the reefs near the beach, seashells are crushed before being washed ashore. These little guys, somehow made the trip. The shell on the left is an incredibly tiny Sand Dollar. Bob says it's a Sand Dime. I agree. The middle shell is a tiny scallop, and finally the last shell on the right is an Olive.

Bob sitting at shore of Lake Morris

Tiny moss growing along the pathway to Lake Morris

Edge of Lake Morris

Yesterday after our morning walk, we went into town for our 4th and final trip to PF Chang. We hadn't been to a PF Chang since Minneapolis. All the shopping malls, strip malls, and restaurant chains are here. Unlike many places attracting tourists, the Destin area features the higher end shops. Being a summer resort, most places are fairly empty.

After lunch, we drove to Lakes Campbell and Morris, about 5 miles from our parking place, also part of the state preserve. These are very pristine lakes and have alligators to boot, although we didn't see any.

Fountain in Moore RV Resort

This last picture is located just around the corner from our parking place here in the resort. Unlike almost any other state park, the resort was here long before the state purchased the property. It is the only state park in Florida with full hooks ups. You can be certain we will return on our next trip to Florida. For now, it's off to Alabama!

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Joy and Phil said...

Bob and Honey,

Read with interest your comment about your last stop being the only Florida State Park with hookups. Could you elaborate?

For example: cost for FHU and does that price include electric?

Our plans include Florida next winter and we would be very interested in your advice.

Thanks so much and we really enjoy your blog!

Joy and Phil