Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Returning to Port Clinton, OH

From Lake Erie, at Port Clinton, OH

Having spent Sunday & Monday nights at the Cummins facility in New Hudson, MI we finish with the maintenance & are very happy that the Jake brake problem is resolved with a new software update. Tuesday morning we take the coach to be aligned, and find it is within tolerances. So far, so good!

So now it's Wednesday, and we're driving along the water's edge just east of Port Clinton & find a roadside park.

From Lake Erie, at Port Clinton, OH

I jump out of the car & take this photo of a sailboat, and then

From Lake Erie, at Port Clinton, OH

take this photo of the rides at Cedar Point in Sandusky. Such fun!

From Lake Erie, at Port Clinton, OH

Our return to Port Clinton is to take Pangor to the vet on Friday for some badly needed teeth cleaning.

Unfortunately, the weather is hot & muggy. Our parking space in the Erie Island Coast to Coast Resort has only 30 amp plug with a 10 amp breaker; which means we can't run the a/c because if the refrigerator comes on, there would go the breaker.

So today, I request and get another parking space, this time with a 50 amp breaker. But gads, this old park is short of transformers, and we're only getting 115 volts, & when I turn on the a/c, it drops to 108 volts and the amps go up to 18, rather than the usual 11. So, no a/c here either. We pray for cooler weather.

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Unknown said...

We ran into a simular problem in the park we are at. We switched our fridge over to LP and problem solved. When we aren't using the air we switch it back over to AC.