Monday, August 31, 2009

Shelborne Museum and so much more!

From Shelburne Museum - Folk Art

With almost 800 pictures, I could spend several days posting all we saw. To further this along, I've decided to create this last post, showing but 1 picture from each web album. If you like what you see, please go over to the Popeye Express Web Album link on the right and enjoy these photos in full screen at your leisure. The above picture is from the Folk Art collection.

From Shelburne Museum - Electra Webb Building

The photo above is from the Electra Webb Memorial Building

From Shelburne Museum - Decoy Collections

This photo is from the Decoy Collections.

From Shelburne Museum - Misc. Other

The boats are in the album, Shelburne Museum - Misc. Other.

From Shelburne Museum - American Art

This from "American Art."

From Shelburne Museum General Store & Upstairs

From The General Store & Upstairs

From Shelburne Museum - Dolls, Circus, & Quilts

From Dolls, Circus and Quilts

From Shelburne Museum RR Station

From Shelburne Museum RR Station, and yes, the clock was ticking and shows the correct time.

From Shelburne Museum Horseshoe Barn

From Shelburne Museum Horseshoe Barn - this place is immense!

From Shelburne Museum Tools & Ironworks

From Tools and Ironworks,

From Shelburne Museum Full Throttle Vintage Bikes

and Finally, from Full Throttle Vintage Bikes. The collections are vast, and only a portion of what we saw is shown. Many very interesting displays are in dark rooms where flash photography is not allowed. Many other items are protected by glass enclosures and photography is difficult if not impossible without the use of a tripod for long exposure, and tripods are not allowed. If you have a special interest, please use the link below to go to the museum's website.

For further information: The Shelburne Museum

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Unknown said...

We used to have a potbellied stove like the one pictured. Some one bought it from us years ago.