Thursday, August 30, 2012

On-line at last!

Finding sufficient band width to be able to access this site has been a major problem, even in the north part of the US. We have been in Canada for a few weeks now, so to avoid outrageous data fees, I temporarily suspended our wifi and have been using only public wifi in campgrounds, all woefully inadequate!

Keep your fingers crossed that I will now be able to upload some photos and continue on where we left off. To catch you up, we are at Parce' Quebec Canada, on the Gaspe' Peninsula. It's a long ways from anywhere, but this campground is almost empty, and so far, they haven't limited wifi access as the previous parks did. Whatever happens, please enjoy a safe Labor Day holiday with your family. Bob, Tiazzi and I are doing just fine.


Piano Paul said...

Hi from Paul Riesland! Not sure if I am doing this right. I need to finally write here and also touch base. All going well here, still have the Rialta (ongoing repairs and new roof AC) and hoping to surprise you one day like when you found the Honda! Congrats on yet another adventure!
Love, Paul & Wil.

Piano Paul said...

I am absolutely enjoying your photos and anecdotes. Your travels are so awe-inspiring and refreshing to the soul. I made a round trip (by car) to Crescent City, CA a few months ago. You guys are so right as to the "freedom" of spirit envoked! Hoping for an RV trip soon! So glad you are back at it for yet another season. Hugs always,