Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lunenburg - A World Heritage Site

Few places evoke as much charm as Lunenburg. About an hour's drive south of Halifax, it is about a unique a town as you will find.
If you have ever noticed a Nova Scotia license plate, you will see a picture of the Bluenose, perhaps the most famous sailing vessel in North America, also a feature on the graphics on the above sign. Also notable are the brightly colored buildings to be better viewed by incoming ships in overcast weather.
Although not pictured, one of the more interesting places is The Knaut-Rhuland House Museum. Built in 1793 the house is filled with exhibits, costumes, and history. You will notice from the above pictures, the town is quite hilly. No bulldozers in the 18th century! One of the displays features a model of the town showing the plots of land. Sitting in front of the model, lies a deck of cards. We ask the docent about the significance of the deck of cards and learn a very interesting piece of history. Back when England was anxious to Colonize this part of Canada, qualifying persons could earn a plot of land to settle on. Each plot was the exact size, and formed a grid across the town. In order to be fair as possible, they took a deck of playing cards and wrote the corresponding number for each lot on individual cards. The qualifying person then was asked to draw a card, and the card selected was to be their future home. An interesting story!
We avoid the restaurants on the waterfront and opt for The Knot Pub. It turns out to be an excellent selection and we learn the only restaurant open year around.
This water station (used by horses) sits in the middle of the street directly in front of the pub. A walk up the hill takes us to St. John's Anglican Church, one of the most beautiful we have seen.
One of the pictures shows a picture of the church about 10 years ago when it almost burnt to the ground. The entire town rallied to save this beautiful & inspiring house of worship. And now that we've gone from pubs to churches, we must move on!

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