Monday, September 24, 2012

Moncton, NB & the Tidal Bore

Moncton is one of the very best places to view the famous tidal bore known in the Maritime Provinces. We score a parking place at the local casino, and stay overnight so we can take in the interesting sight.

Sitting right behind the Visitor Center is a great spot for viewing the in-going & out-going tide coming up (or down) the Petitcodiak River. Prior to a causeway being built, the tide was quite high and could be heard coming due to the roar of water. It is at it's highest during a full moon, but alas, we are a long way from a full moon. With the tide perhaps 6" - 7" high at most, it's still an interesting sight!
and finally, we see it coming!
Coming next: Fundy National Park, NB

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