Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fundy National Park, NB

Easily one of our favorite stops, Fundy National Park is not to be missed!
Known for it's extreme tides, the rocks worn away by time and water, turn into "flower pots" when the tide recedes. This section of the park is known as the Hopewell Rocks. With 25 water falls, a golf course, and numerous hiking trails, it's a really great place so spend a week.
It's fun to climb down to the beach when the tide is out and see the little sea creatures that cling underneath the rocks for shelter. At high tide, the ocean floor disappears under about 50 feet if sea water. This would not be a good place to get caught in the incoming tide!
To my surprise, there is one structure (heated only by a fireplace) with really fast wifi. I sit and sort through pictures as long as I can before my fingers grow numb. Why didn't I think of this the day before when they had a roaring fire!

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