Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Agawa Canyon Tour Train

Now known as the Algoma Central Railway Company, incorporated in August 1899, it has also been known as the Algoma Central and Hudson Bay Railway Company. Plans to reach Hudson Bay were abandoned & the name reverted to the original. Today it is a part of the Canadian National Railway’s eastern division.

Although fall is the high season of this trip, we still enjoy the 228 mile round trip.

Only picture I get of the train!

This terrible picture is the best we can do to show you what the train actually looks like over the trestle. Regrettably pictures taken through the windows aren’t worth the silicone chips they’re preserved on!

Interior cars are comfortable

The interior is comfortable, having recently been improved. We actually took our fanny pads after hearing a passenger complain last year of the hard seats. We found the seats softly padded and comfortable. Bob can attest to that:

Perhaps too comfortable!

The train lulled him right to sleep even as we meet interesting locals to talk with.

We arrive at the canyon and have time to hike

Agawa Canyon Wilderness Park is located at mile 114 and is accessible only by rail. Along the way we see many lakes, lodges & a few people waving as we go by. The railway gives us a 2+ hour stop for hiking the trails to take in the views & waterfalls.

This is a Provencial Park in Ontario Canada

When we detrain, we head straight for the Lookout Trail which provides a vantage point from 250 feet above the canyon. The only challenge is the 300+ stairs you need to climb. The view is worth it!

Stairs were marked every 50 steps to keep us moving

Now at the top, I get a peek of the view & Bob takes a picture of me to prove I was there. The next picture is just the view. Enjoy!

Hey, we made it!

The best view in town

Next, we hike to see the Black Beaver Falls; again, well worth the effort. We actually thought they may have dried up for the season.

Next we hike to the falls

The next hike, not far away, is to North Black Beaver Falls, just up the trail.

Fortunately, there were several falls to visit

We also make it to Bridal Veil Falls, but didn’t get any good pictures. I did, however, find some pretty flowers in the park.

Perhaps this is a Delphinium ?

Soon it is time to re-board for the trip home. I manage to get one good picture of the engine with Bob showing off.

Finally, a picture of our locomotive

And, walking towards the train, I found these pretty flowers.

OK, you'll have to enlighten me. What is it?

They switched the cars for the return trip, and now we are on the very last car with the picture of the bear.

Maybe the bear signifies our good fortune

Bears are on each end of the car

Some people get motion sickness . . . . . Bob just gets sleepy. Its’ been hard work taking this trip, but somebody has to do it!

It was another alarm clock morning!

For further information see the website for the Agawa Canyon Tour Train

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Coming next: lower Michigan & the Hearthside Grove Resort.

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