Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Keweenaw Peninsula, UP Michigan

Between August 14th & 18th we stay at the Ojiba Casino in Baraga, Michigan. This is our first visit to this part of the UP, as it is called. As it turns out, Baraga MI is at the very bottom of the Keweenaw Peninsula, which makes for lots of driving. Good thing our little Honda del sol gets 30 MPG. This stay allows us to visit the towns of Houghton, Calumet and take the long trip out to Isle Royale National Park.

Picture of Peninsula taken from NPS Visitor Center

In this part of the US, coming from southern California is a definite disadvantage. Bob & I manage to pronounce all names as though they are Spanish. We call Bear’a.ga’ Bah.rah’.ga & no one knows where we are staying. Some locals even say they are going down to the Bear, meaning down to the casino!

Downtown Houghton, home of Michigan Tech

Houghton is pronounced Ho’ton, not huff.ton or how.ton. Names are Indian, French, or a combination of both, M├ętis. A sense of humor really helps.

Colorful mural in downtown Houghton

This mural was painted above the indoor sports arena where we purchase tickets for our ride on the Keweenaw Star for a wonderful tour of the Keweenaw Canal.

Sign in front of visiters center

Houghton is home to both the Michigan Technical University, a rather large campus of 7,000 and across the canal at Hancock, Finlandia University. These are by California standards, very old towns with a rich history.

Picture of remnants of mill taken from NPS headquarters

This picture was taken of the old mill & mine, across the canal which in its heyday was a very large copper mine.

Visitor center & shop

These pictures are taken in front of the mine now being used as a visitor center & shop.

The Keweenaw Star

Late afternoon marks our trip aboard the Keweenaw Star, which will go northwest toward Lake Superior. This particular cruise features a blues band, which unfortunately for me, cuts the historic dialogue usually given on this type of cruise.

Downtown Houghton as seen from the canal

Shorebank, downtown Houghton

The following pictures need no narrative. These are simply pictures of what we see on our trip up & down the canal. We hope you enjoy them.

Drawbridge mechanism

The drawbridge did not open for us, The Keweenaw Star fit under easily

A very old city

Blues Band entertains us

Nearing Lake Superior to the west

Entrance to Lake Superior

Turning around & re-enterring the canal

Dusk arrives as we return to Houghton

Being treated to a full moon

The magical moment

A fitting end to our day!

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