Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Day trip to Calumet, Michigan

Without knowing, we visit Calumet on the Heritage Celebration day. What fun! As the sign indicates, the entire village turns out to celebrate with food, music, crafts, exhibits, parades, wagon rides, and Croatian & Slovenian music. How did we miss that?

Hey, what luck - Heritage Celebration!

Calumet is really OLD. It is heart-wrenching to see a beautifully restored building next to crumbling one.

One of several crumbling buildings

One of the most amusing things we find is a time capsule. Remember those? This one is dated August 6, 1975 and is commemorated by both the plaque and bell.

A real find - a Time Capsule!

This bell marks the spot

Agassiz Park was once the town’s pride. There are statues & reference to this proud heritage all over the town.

One of several commemorative plaques

Alexander Agassie

The following pictures showcase some of the finer examples of former glory.

Fire Station

Top part of restored building

Former church

Interesting architecture

Everyone seems to be having fun. The horse drawn wagon rides are a huge success as are the bicycle races. People are mingling everywhere.

The wagon ride goes by

Towns people are everywhere

This next picture shows the effort the town is making in restoring the old brick paved streets. It’s nice to see this type of progress towards preserving its historical heritage.

Newly laid bricks lie next to the old

A more amusing aspect of our visit is the controversy surrounding this “moose” door. We think it adds to the town; perhaps not quite in line with its former architectural style, but certainly an improvement over the decay inflecting many buildings. Perhaps the only thing needing removal is the politicians!

What do you think of Mr. Moose?

The towns biggest problem!

Here are a few more photos of the new & old

Beautifully restored upper portion of building

Ancient stones hold up this old building

Simple, but elegant

A quartet of old houses

Before leaving, we find an art gallery featuring the Rosetta Trio from Boston; a little refinement which, by the way, is well attended.

The Rosetta Trio

Our day ends in Houghton with a trip to The Library, a local pub well attended by students & visitors alike.

Food beckons at last!

Interior shot of The Library

Coming up next: Isle Royale!

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