Thursday, September 11, 2008

Michigan, the LP

The UP of Michigan is outstanding. Cool weather, serene beauty, islands, boat trips & much to see & do. Of course you only have a few weeks a year to accomplish all this as beginning in January, even the Sault Ste. Marie locks & canal are closed.

Thus we leave the UP & head over the Mackinac Bridge towards the LP.

Entrance to bridge

Amazing view through the bridge (and our windshield)

While attending the FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) convention in St. Paul, we received some free nights at the nicest RV resort we’ve ever seen. The lots (for sale) were mostly between 7,000 – 10,000 square feet. That is about the size lot houses are built on in San Diego County. So this year, we are very fortunate to stay at this resort in Petoskey, MI.

A luxury resort by any standard

The entrance sign is still in its temporary wrapping & most lots were under some type of construction. The little cottages you see are only 192 square feet, the maximum allowable. I think that’s too small even for our kitties, but they manage to squeeze in a full bath, studio kitchen & desk & queen sized sofa bed & even have a loft for visiting guests!

Sample patio, landscaping & cottage

The landscaping is really nice, complete with many ponds & even a linked series of ponds in phase 2 which they refer to as a river.

Second phase "river"

We take the Honda to visit downtown Petoskey. This is a charming town with many interesting shops, restaurants & horrible parking. Hungry parking meters are everywhere!

Parking meters in front of mural

The town has beautiful churches & interesting murals.

Downtown Petoskey

A Petoskey church

Another day takes us on a drive over to the Legs Inn.

The famous Legs Inn

This famous Polish restaurant is completely hand carved & gets its name from the many table legs which adorn the roof.

Notice all the white table legs

The patio is terrific with great views of 4 lighthouses. This year I don’t spot all 4, but did when we came last year.

Legs Inn Patio

Hand painted sign showing all 4 lighthouses

The sign on the fence shows the lighthouses visible on a clear day. Our camera doesn’t have a strong enough zoom lens to get a picture of much, but if you look hard, you can make out one lighthouse on this picture.

Look at the little spot to the left of center

The next 3 shots of the interior give you a feel for the woodwork. Everything is done by hand – amazing!

Wood carvings adorn the fireplace

He didn't say if he had a name!

Hard carved balcony rail

Soon we are on our way towards Harbor Springs. We take scenic Hwy 19 for this purpose.

Signage appeared at both ends of highway

Beautiful scenic drive

Harbor Springs are where the super rich in Michigan live. Of course the town closes up in October, but the old preserved houses are a splendid example of the glory that still exists. Too numerous to include in this blog, be sure to visit our web album for more photos.

We've arrived!

Downtown Harbor Springs

House overlooking the bay

Harbor Springs Bay

Notice the peninsula in the last photo. If your fortunes start with a “b” rather than “m” your house would be located here; not visible to snoopy tourists or amateur photographers. No cars are allowed on this peninsula. Owners & invited guests are picked up at a security gate & escorted to their homes in a horse drawn carriage. The likes of us need not apply!

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