Thursday, September 18, 2008

Put-In-Bay, Ohio

In 2007 we spent a week in Port Clinton Ohio to take in various sites in the area. This year our return was based on the vet we met last year who took such good care of Daphne, who had an abscessed tooth. This year all 3 kitties had appointments, resulting in teeth cleaning for Tiazzi & the same for Pangor along with a lumpectomy. The bills came to over a grand, and sort of took our breaths away, but know it would have cost considerably more in San Diego County.

Almost two weeks later, I am happy to report both patients doing well, although it took 10 days before Pangor spoke to me. He has a 6” incision in his stomach, closed with staples which need to come out tomorrow. He’s going to love yet another visit to the vet. Want to wager how long it will take for him to speak to me this time?

We did take advantage of our week’s stay in Port Clinton, an ancient town roughly between Toledo & Cleveland at the very edge of Lake Erie. You already know about our visit to Cleveland & the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Today we are taking you to Put-In-Bay located on South Bass Island. Our trip starts with a journey on the jet catamaran.

The way to arrive in speed & style

Arriving on the island, the very first thing you come to is this sign, announcing the fist ship to shore radio broadcast. By the way, in case you don’t realize it, you can double click on any picture to make it full size. Just use the back button on your browser to return to the blog.

Historical markers are everywhere in Ohio

The second thing you come to (visible long before docking) is the monument commemorating Commander Perry’s victory & Peace between the US & England. Now an International Peace Memorial, it is well worth visiting.

The famous memorial

Last year we actually climbed all the way to the top & took pictures. This year, it was roped off. We enjoyed the displays inside, however, and stayed to watch the film.

Wonderful displays inside the visitor center

Perry's famous battle cry

One of several paintings

Next we rent a golf cart & go sightseeing! These golf carts are the main form of transportation on the island; they are everywhere.

Does Bob look cool or what!

At the west end of the island, we find the South Bass Island Light, which unlike most stand-alone lighthouses, is built as part of the light keepers house. Regrettably, the powers-that-be have cordoned off the area, making it all but impossible to get a good picture. I walked into the wooded area & got the best shot I could. The Jet Express doesn’t get close enough to get a picture going to & from Port Clinton out to South Bass Island.

Another historical marker

The famous brick light

Near this area is South Bass Island State Park. They don’t allow golf carts inside the park, so these pictures are of the perimeter.

A wonderful family campground

Bob, always the kid-at-heart

Of course there are the usual tourist traps. South Bass Island is kind of a teen-age get away; lots of rides, junk food, etc. But once in awhile you get surprised. Last year we came on the weekend when the Toledo Symphony performed. They performed this year as well; but Pangor was feeling too ill for us to leave that particular day.

Tourist attractions

Outside the Butterfly House

We pass another interesting restaurant. Look at how old this building is! We didn’t stop this trip, maybe next time.

Interesting old looking building, now a restaurant

Next stop is Our Mother of Sorrows Catholic Church. What a pretty church. Be sure to visit our web albums to see the Spiritual Works of Mercy stained glass windows, etc.

These ladies were so happy to see us. I didn’t get any names, but they were delighted to pose for this picture with Bob & were even happier to know they would be in our blog!

Beautiful Our Mother of Sorrows

10 Ton piece of Italian Florentine marble

Bob & Ladies (Sister on right)

As we travel around the island, I take some pictures of the bay, & interesting houses we find. I wonder what they do here in the winter & after consulting the ferry schedule, realize the answer is leave - no ferry service!

View from west end of island

Historic House

As our day comes to a close, we return the cart to Brian, who seems happy enough to see us. Since he kept Bob’s driver’s license, returning the cart wasn’t an issue. Getting a tip probably was.

Tip jar up front & close!

Last, we board the Jet Express for the 30 minute or so ride home. Hope you have enjoyed our trip to South Bass Island & Put-In-Bay. Just remember: Don’t give up the ship!

Our return trip transport arrives

For further information: Jet Express

For activities in Put-In-Bay: the Visitors guide

Coming up real soon, (we can hardly contain ourselves) : A trip to the Corvette factory & museum in Bowling Green, KY!

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