Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame & Downtown Cleveland

After a few extra turns, Lola (our GPS) finds the way!

Yes, it really exists

We had no idea the Cleveland Browns were playing the Dallas Cowboys in their home stadium. What a day to choose to come into Cleveland. Parking fees were outrageous! I finally convince Bob to drive a few blocks away & going into a hotel parking garage. It saved us $5 and lots of grief getting out.

The story of Rock 'n'Roll

The Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame is one amazing building; attractive inside & out with beautiful grounds right next to the Science Museum, Stadium, park & an airport.

We're pleased to find a very impressive building

The museum doesn’t allow photography except in the lobby, so these pictures are all we can take.

Wall display

A peak upstairs

From the park below, you can see how magnificent this building really is. Views of the stadium, science museum, & party boats are all enjoyable.

Very interesting design

Naturally I find especially interesting the bus Johnny Cash used for touring. He felt it was his home & always was happy to come home to it after getting off an airplane. We can really relate to that.

Just found out that Postively Cleveland is running a great contest. The winner will receive free passes to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame along with a private guided tour with the curator. That's worth filling out a simple form. To enter: Rock 'n' Roll Contest

Touring bus used by Johnny Cash

The crowds going to the game are unbelievable.

We weren't prepared for the crowds

No end in sight!

When we finish with the Hall of Fame, we walk around the grounds, take in the crowds, stadium, party boats, and generally get a feel for the area. Several police holding bull-horns are in the area, & soon I learn what they’re for: “PLEASE, keep off the grass!”

Views from the side of the building out into Lake Erie

Stadium before the game

Party boats are lining up everywhere

After taking in local color, we walk the few short blocks into downtown towards an ally known for its restaurants.

Science Museum in foreground on right

Regrettably many buildings in town are in decrepit condition and are in the process of demolition.

The end is near

Finally, we find the orange torch we are directed to & come to the 4th St. ally. The restaurant we wanted to go to, Lola, is closed on Sunday. Fortunately, we find what turns out to be an outstanding Mexican-Southwestern restaurant directly across the ally. We also enjoy the views in the ally including the art work.

We'd go back in a heartbeat!

Inside Zocalo

View from our table looking out

I love the art work

Afterward, we walk back through downtown & take some pictures of the area. Many ornate government buildings are found, along with a really beautiful public library.

Cleveland Public Library

Finally, returning to the parking garage, we get one last glimpse of what appears to be a pretty full stadium. Go Browns!

Game's on!

For more information on Cleveland: Cleveland
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juliegallant said...

Your pictures are so wonderful. They make the girls and I want to take off right now! But what do you mean "go Browns"?