Thursday, September 11, 2008

The RV and Motor Home Museum (RVMH) in Elkhart, Indiana

After spending a week in Manistee MI, at the Little River Casino RV Park to prepare financial statements & do some tax planning for clients, we are heading for Port Clinton, OH. On the way, we decide to stop in Elkhart, Indiana to visit the RVMH Museum. We have spoken to several people who have visited & all agree it is an excellent museum well worth stopping to see.

The Manistee River is just a few blocks long

Art work is displayed downtown

The river side of the street, Manistee

Fortunately we can stay for the night, which is a good thing as we arrive only minutes prior to closing time.

Entrance to the RVMH Museum

The next morning, we are the first to arrive & start to enjoy the exhibits. The entire history up to the 1990s are displayed in both pictures & actual vehicles.

RVs & MHs go back to the Ford Model T days

Except for very rare models, you are allowed to walk into the exhibits

An early van pulling a trailer

Many of you will be familiar with the TV ads: Go RVing. This is the organization sponsoring the ads.

Displays are clever & enjoyable!

We still see many GMC models on the road - imagine!

A magazine display. I remember the spread in "House Beautiful."

An early pickup pulling a trailer

This new museum is a little over a year old. Formerly, the museum was located in downtown Elkhart; but they quickly grew out of the facilities & to our good fortune, this new museum was built.

One of two stretch El Dorados

Yes, a real Model T "RV"

Possibly the forerunner of the Airstream

Many interesting pictures & photographs are on display.

How do you like this spiffy trailer?

Believe it or not, this chair was a $35 extra!

The above chair went into this motor home

The most interesting displays, however, are the rolling stock. Some of these RV’s have been restored, some are being conserved. Most are in driving condition & have been generously donated.

A rare two-toned motor home

Since there are so many pictures (Bob was the photographer) we are including them as a slide show. We can’t remember all the names of the RV’s, but have included some of the signage for your perusal.

Tiazzi & Daphne with her extra toes

And finally, just in case you’ve forgotten, we included a picture of our “girls”.

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